About this Event

JSTS 2017 is composed of two subjects; the workshop and the cultural exchange.

First one is the workshop. The participants will be separated to teams that consist of students from all over the world. The teams will discuss and find the causes of the problems that are provided by local sponsoring companies. After the teams realize the causes, they’ll move to find solutions for the problems. If they get the solutions, they start to implement the best solution. Finally, they deliver their solution to the company.

Second one is the cultural exchange. The seminar also provides opportunities to communicate with students from around the world. We are planning to have icebreaking activity, excursion and cultural night as cultural exchange programs. And there are a lot of chances not only inside of the schedule, but also outside of the schedule.


The skills can be obtained by the participants through JSTS 2017 are

  •  – problem-identifying ability
  •  – problem-solving ability
  •  – ability to put plans into practice
  •  – creativity
  •  – critical thinking
  •  – logical thinking
  •  – self-direction
  •  – a spirit for challenge
  •  – cooperativeness and flexibility
  •  – leadership(a sense of responsibility and mission)
  •  – an ability to understand other cultures
  •  – communication skills
  •  – presentation skills


Date: 23-30, May, 2017


Name: National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, Yatsushiro Campus

Address: 2627 Hirayamashin-Machi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan 866-0074

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Name: Yatsushiro Grand Hotel

Address: 10-1 Asahichuodori, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto, Japan 866-0844

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